Still Grooving…

So as I read back through my first two posts a few things standout. The most notable is that this isn’t really much of a blog. It’s turned into more of an autobiography of sorts. Not a bad thing mind you, but not necessarily interesting reading unless you actually know me. However the purpose of this was to “foster the groove”, and I’m still putting words to screen. So from that perspective, it’s been a success so far. I’ve actually spent time the past few days counting down the time until I can sit down and write. Another good thing.

What I initially sought to explain was how I arrived at my creative stagnation. I’m sure I would’ve gotten there, but I was taking a very linear approach. It’s a story that is many years in the making. Once again, not really good blog material. I’m encouraged that as I read through my first two posts that even though they were long, I could’ve made them longer. In other words, I still have a lot to say. The best part…I’ve enjoyed writing again.
So where this goes I’m not sure, but hopefully I’ll keep moving and creating. One day at a time. One hour at a time. One post at a time. One sentence at a time. Once word at a time.

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