Growing up in Oklahoma one gets used to a variety of weather phenomena. It’s gets blistering hot, bone chilling cold and everything in between, sometimes in the same day! We live under a tornado watch from april to july. You learn when to get concerned and when to just go with it. For all of our local media and their battle for ratings leading them on goofy rants with bedazzled ties, doppler radars and terms of “maxi grinder”, “Gentner” and “polar vortex”, most of us just sort of ignore the dramatics and focus on the truly important info.

The one phenomena I just can’t quite figure out though is thundersleet. A thunderstorm with lightning and thunder that instead of rain, drops sleet. Who dreams this crazy stuff up? We can’t leave winter and spring separate? no….we have to combine the two. Like a bad chemical mix. Sure to blow up! Don’t go out in the thundersleet. You might get struck by lightning or slide off the road into a ditch! Or slide off the road and then get struck by lightning! Now that’s a two for one. I’ll pass! Man 100 degrees sure sounds good right now.

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